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Here we go again.....

Go to the following web site to answer the questions. You may have to do a copy and paste to get to the web page.

1. What is Indiana's State Soil?

State Soils

2. Compare Indiana's State soil with Florida's state soil.

Use the following links to learn about weathering.

3. Read through the material, it will be on the next test you have - Wed. of next week, and will cover soils, weathering, and erosion.

Pay attention to the questions below regarding the information found on the links to the following pages (you might want to jot down information about this for study material...)

4. How/why is mechanical weathering able to increase chemical weathering?

5. What are the various types of mechanical weathering?

6. What are the various types of chemical weathering?

7. How could you visually identify mechanically weathered material from chemically weathered material?

8. What processes are involved in both types of weathering?

9. How do plants and animals aid the process of weathering?

10. Thought question#1 (Not in the reading): Does Lawrence County have transported soils, or residual soils?

11. Thought question #2 (Not in the reading): Would the Indiana State Soil be found in Lawrence County? Explain your answer, or at least the logic used to arrive at your answer. There IS a very logical answer! Think about how it was formed...

12. Last, list and describe the various forms of mass wasting.

Mechanical and Chemical weathering

Types of Mechanical Weathering

Georgia Perimeter College Weathering

Georgia Perimeter College Weathering

Types of Chemical Weathering

Chemical Weathering Carleton University

Mass Wasting

Types of Mass Wasting

Intro to Mass Wasting

Intro to Mass Wasting

Visualizations of Mass Wasting Types

Visualizations of Mass Wasting Types

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