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Water - Part 2

Click on the following links, read the information, and otherwise follow directions and answer questions.

Your answers to the questions are due at the end of the period today!

Use the websites below to answer the questions.

For #1:

Water Questionnaires

1. Complete all 3 questionnaires on the following page and wrtie down the results:

For #2:

Water Opinion Surveys

2. Complete all 4 of the Opinion Surveys. Write down all of your responses.

For #3:

Water Challenge Questions

3. Answer all 5 of the Challenge Questions. Write down your responses.

For #4:

U.S. Water Usage Questions

4. In the U.S., how many gallons of water per day were withdrawn in the year 2000?

5. Freshwater accounted for what percentage of the total water withdrawn in the year 2000?

6. What percentage of withdrawal were from surface water?

7. What 3 states withdrew the most water in the year 2000?

8. List the 3 largest uses of water in the U.S.

9. From 1950 until 2000 water the percentage of population served by public-supply systems rose from ______ percent to ______ percent.

10. Combined withdrawals for livestock, aquaculture, and mining were less than _____ percent of total withdrawals in 2000.

11. Aquaculture includes fish farms and _________.

12. Mining water use is the use of water for extracting solid minerals, and what 2 other materials?

13. What is the only category of water usage to decline consistently during the past two decades? (Makes sense based on what is happening with manufacturing, doesn't it?

14. What Is the Importance of Nationwide Water-Use Data?

For #15:

U.S. Groundwater Usage Questions

15. The main uses of groundwater include what?

16. List the 4 largest fresh groundwater withdrawal states in the year 2000.

17. For 2000, most of the fresh ground-water withdrawals, 68 percent, were for what purpose?

18. What is meant by "Domestic Water Use?

For #19:

U.S. Groundwater Usage Quiz

19. Take the quiz using the link above.

For #20:

U.S. Groundwater Quality

20. Since groundwater moves through rocks and subsurface soil, it has a lot of opportunity to dissolve _________ as it moves.

21. Undergroundwater can get contaminated from what sources from the surface? (This includes chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides that many homeowners apply to their lawns)

22. Contamination of groundwater by what substance is of major concern in northern areas of the United States?

23. Are all groundwater contaminants human induced? (IF you say no, list at least 4 possible contaminants)

24. Hard water is a result of what?

25. What are the primary sources of nitrate/nitrite in groundwater?

26. How do VOC's (Volatile organic compounds) enter the environment?

27. How do Plasticizers, chlorinated solvents, benzo[a]pyrene, and dioxin enter the environment?

28. Coliform bacteria are used as an indicator for the presence of what?

29. Turbidity is caused by what?

30. List the problems associated with high pH and low pH.

31. Calculate YOUR household water usage using the following website:

U.S. Water use footprint calculator

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