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Speaking of water science and pollution

On the following page, it would be good to take notes - this will be on your test...

EPA State of Knowledge (#4)

1) What is meant by "virtual certainty"?

Why Files (#5)

2) Read all the pages on the website linked below. You'll have material on this on your test too, and learn something while you're at it...

EPA Mercury site #6 through #9

3) Compare mercury in fresh fish with that of uncooked fish.

4) Compare bottom feeders with that of predator fish.

5) What is the chronic toxicity of mercury?

6) What type of mercury advisory is Indiana under?

Indiana DNR stream classifications (#10 - #11)

7) List the streams in Lawrence County classified as Group 5 waterways.

#8) What are the restrictions on eating fish taken from these streams?

9) Play the Great Green web game. (It takes a LONG time to load...)

The Great Green Web Game (#12)

Calculate YOUR ecological footprint by taking the quiz. How many Earth's would it take to support life on Earth if EVERYONE had YOUR lifestyle?

MY Footprint....(extra)


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