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Volcanoes just blow me away....

Click on the link below to go to the first web site....

USGS Volcano

Use the links found on the web site to answer the following questions or to perform tasks assigned..

1. What percent of Earth's surface is volcanic in origin?

2. What is the origin of the word "volcano"?

3. How are volcanoes different from other mountains?

4. Compare Aa lava with Pahoehoe lava.

5. Compare the action of gases in a low viscosity lava (thin) to the action of gases within a thick, viscous lava.

6. List and describe the 4 types of volcanoes.

7. Describe volcanic plugs.

8. Bonus: How is the description of a Nuee ardente eruption on this web site inaccurate?

9. Explain the difference between a Plinian eruption and a Phreatic eruption.

10. Where are geysers, fumaroles, and hot springs generally found?

11. How many active volcanoes can be found on Earth?

Click on the link below to continue....

Take links from this web site to find the answers...

The Volcano Information Center

12. Describe pyroclastic density currents.

13. Describe lahars.

14. Lahars have the consistency of what substance?

15. What are "tephra falls"?

16. Describe the dangers from volcanic gases.

Use this link for the answer to #17...

Smithsonian Institute Volcano link

17. How many volcanoes are presently showing "ongoing activity"?

Go to the following web site to answer the question below:

Montserrat Volcano Observatory

IF the site is not available, do a search on the volcano to find the answers. Hand them in using Google Classroom, then click on the next link following #18

18. Describe the activity at the Activity at the Soufrière Hills Volcano for the most recently reported week.

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