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Volcanoes just blow me away....

Click on the link below to go to the first web site....questions to be answered are below the links. Hand them in at the end of the period using Google Classroom.

Volcano World

For this next link, copy and paste it into your browser.

Volcanoes of the World

Oregon State Volcano World

Volcano Web Cams

Use the links found on the above web sites to answer the following questions or to perform tasks assigned...

1. When was the last eruption of Krakatau? Describe it.

2. When was the last eruption of Mt. Saint Helens? Describe what happened during each stage of that event.

3. Describe the width and depth of the Ngorongoro caldera in Africa.

4. Is Ngorongoro active, dormant, or extinct?

5. Where is the largest volcano in the solar system found?

6. What body other than earth has active volcanoes?

7. Watch the video clips of volcanic eruptions on the Volcano World website. If you are not able to do this, then find a Live Cam of a volcano, then find one in eruption. Name the volcano, and describe the eruption shown..

8. List the name and location of at least 3 volcanic parks within the United States.

9. List the Name and location of at least 3 volcanic parks outside the United States.

10. WOVO stands for what?

11. What tools do volcanologists use to study volcanoes?

12. List and describe several (at least 3) volcano monitoring techniques, especially having to do with summit or flank motions and tilt.

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