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Here we go again.....

Links to Video
(generally youtube, so it may not work at school due to filtering.)

Three Mile Island Documentary

Poisoned Waters

Earth Revealed Series (CPB Annenberg) Video on Demand

The Spill (Frontline)

If that one doesn't work, try this one:

The Spill (Frontline)

Or this one:

The Spill (Frontline)

Planet Earth: Jungles Link1

Planet Earth: Jungles Link2

Planet Earth: Seasonal Forests Link

Planet in Peril part 1 video link

Planet in Peril part 2 video link

Deepwater Horizon Video with interactive material

Love Canal Video

Love Canal Video origin

Times Beach Video

Mono Lake Video

Aral Sea Video

LandSat Video

Bhopal Disaster Video

Bhopal Union Carbide 25 years later Video

DDT Video

DDT Lets put it everywhere Video

DDT Rachel Carson Video

3 Reasons we still haven't gotten rid of Malaria Video

3 Reasons we still haven't gotten rid of Malaria Video

Exxon Valdez Retro report NYTimes Video

Three Rivers Dam, China

Unearthed: The Fracking Facade


Minamata 2


Truck Accident in flood

Big Thompson Canyon flood

Flash Flood

Sage Grouse problem?

Megastructures Garbage Mountain

Little Ice Age The Big Chill

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