Sunspots? They affect US???
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Oh yes, right....the sun couldn't possibly affect us other than a few sunburns.....could it?!??!!

Click on the link below to go to your assignment - a web quest. Follow directions and do all activities, including answering questions from the web site.

OK, here are some more specific directions....

From the "Does the Sunspot Cycle Effect the Earth?" page, click on the link "Maunder Minimum and Maunder Maximum". Write a comparison of the two images, then go back to the first page.

Click on "tree ring dating and dendrochronology". Follow the instructions for reading tree rings. Fill out the form, and answer numbers one and two.
Then go back to the first page.

Go to Investigation two:Use tree rings to date an event. Make sure to read the information before you proceed. You should not have to print out a copy of the tree rings if you were here yesterday.
Do procedures numbers two and three, and answer the question.

Click on "Learn more about volcanoes and tree rings."

What is "cross dating", and why is it possible in most of North America?

Why can't dates of past volcanic events be determined unequivocably by counting back to a series of narrow rings?

Why should tree samples should be cross-dated rather than dated by ring counting?

Go back to the first page.

Scroll down to "Extensions: Look for other connections".

Click on "(Did Sunspots Sink the Titanic?)"

What is meant by the question above relating to the Titanic? Explain it in terms of the relation of sunspots to the creation of icebergs.

Go back.

Click on "Are there any connections between events in history and the sunspot cycle?"

Type the data for your birthdate into the Sunspot Plotter. Were you born during a Solar maximum or Solar Minimum?

On this page, scroll to the page bottom and click on "Back to Sunspots and The Solar Cycle".

Click on the "Butterfly Diagram".
It is used for what?

Click back.

Click on the following link:

List the time, current Solar Wind Speed and Density.

Click on the "HOT SHOTS: Exclusive Views of Comet 96P/Machholz" link, then on the "quicktime" for a short video clip of the comet passing close to the sun.

Why would you not be able to see the comet with your naked eye?

Find a SOHO real time view of the sun, then print it. Staple all appropriate papers to your answer sheet and turn it in.

Check out the links from the SOHO page!

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