Rain, rain, go away???
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Water, Water, everywhere...

Go to every link on the website listed below in order to answer the questions.

University of Regina

1. What does the word Fluvial mean?

2. Flowing water is the result of what?

3. Explain the difference between a rill and a gully

4. Streamflow accounts for what % of total sediment transport to the ocean basins?

5. Explain the difference between stream competence and stream capacity.

6. List and describe the 3 types of sediment load.

7. What is stream capture?

8. Explain the difference between an alluvial fan and a delta.

USGS Water resources

9. What percent of Earth's water is usable by humans?

10. What are aquifers?

11. Explain the difference between porosity and permeability.

12. Where is the most fresh water on earth found?

13. What is runoff?

14. How is flow in a stream measured?

15. What is stream discharge?

16. What has to happen in order to accurately measure streamflow?

17. Why is there groundwater?

18. Where are sinkholes common?

19. Why are sinkholes dramatic?

20. How can groundwater become unusable?

21. How many gallons of water fall when 1 inch of rain falls on 1 acre of land?

22. What happens to the rain after it falls depends on many factors such as what? (list and describe them)

23. If all glaciers melted today the seas would rise about how many feet?

24. Compare present sea level today with sea level during the last ice age.

25. Using the "Surf your watershed" feature, find the watershed(s) for Lawrence county and list it/them.

26. How many counties are also in the same watershed?

USGS Real Time Water Data

27. Find the data for EAST FORK WHITE RIVER NEAR BEDFORD, IN. Compare the "Median Daily streamflow" by using the pull down menu to find "Recent Daily". Based on 53 years of record with the Discharge for March 22. Is it above or below the median? By how much?

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