H-R Diagram activity
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Let's get this right, shall we?????

Go to the following website:

Stellar Life Cycle

Click on "Protostars - A Star is Born"

****Complete the entire activity by clicking on the right arrow button found at or near the page bottom.

****Read each page and complete the activities found on each page. Make sure you watch ALL animations shown, and ALL interactive labs.

****Make sure also, that you complete the questions on the H-R interactive lab found on the last page.

****On each page, whenever you see a term typed in the color red, define the term.

IF for some reason you wish to return to the starting page, click the circle with the "TOC" inside the circle (it stands for "Table of Contents").

When finished with these, continue to the following and complete the exercise found there including the quiz:

Lunar Phases


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