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Centralia, Pennsylvania

1. Read the following article, then summarize it.

Anyone familiar with Silent Hill?

2. Bearing in mind wind patterns, how do you think we might be affected by this - or will we?

3. What do you think should be done to ameliorate this possible problem? (Describe your answer, including possible economic issues)

Now read the following article:

Solar and Wind energy

4. In both Germany and the U.K., even without government subsidies, what generates electricity more cheaply than anything else?

5. Define capacity factor.

6. How is the capacity factor calculated?

7. Why is the capacity factor for fossil fuels in the U.S. changing?

8. What is "the virtuous cycle"?

9. What percentage of U.S. electricity in 2014 was made up by solar and wind?

10. What is happening to fossil fuel demand as a result of increased solar and wind energy?

11. Compare the capacity factor of coal and natural gas with that of wind and solar.

12. Compare energy subsidies in Brittain and Germany with that of the U.S.

13. What is happening to the cost of renewables in every major region of the world?

Now read the following article and answer the questions which follow relative to the article:

Tar Sands Oil Mining Has Now Come To The U.S.

14. Where are the tar sands in the U.S. being mined?

15. What makes the mining uncertain?

16. Why is tar sand mining likely not good for the environment, and particularly air quality?

17. In June, a group of 100 scientists called for a moratorium on tar-sands development. Why?

18. What challenges face future tar-sands development in Utah?

19. In a study in the journal Nature in January, showed that most Canadian tar sands would have to be left in the ground in order for the globe to cost-effectively do what?

Now read the following article and answer the questions which follow relative to the article:

MacArthur winner wants to make clean energy with fake leaves

20. What’s the difference between an artificial leaf and a solar panel?

21. Summarize the article and speculate on how this might affect your lifestyle.

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