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Study guide Chapter 6

Open a document in "WORD", copy the questions below and paste the QUESTIONS ONLY into the document (so it will have only one page), then print the document.

1. List examples of stratification.

2. The melting of rock depends upon what factors?

3. Metamorphic rock forms as a result of what?

4. The name of what rock type means "Changed form"?

5. The change of rock in regional metamorphism is the result of what?

6. What is the differecne between clastic, chemical, and organic sedimentary rocks?

7. Explein the difference between very poorly sorted sediment, moderately sorted sediment, and well sorted sediment.

8. List common depositional environments.

9. The name of what rock type means "fire" in latin?

10. Explain the difference between foliated and nonfoliated rock.

11. Explain the different parts of the rock cycle, and what the rock cycle means.

12. Explain chemical stability of a rock relative to its environment.

13. A lava flow is a type of what?

14. Separation of sediment according to size is called what?

15. Explain the properties of a clastic sedimentary rock one can determine by its angularity.

16. Know each of the following terms: Organic sedimentary rock; Clastic sedimentary rock; Compaction; Cementation; Chemical sedimentary rock; Mafic; intrusive igneous rock; felsic; extrusive igneous rock; nonfoliated; foliation; metamorphism; contact metamorphism; regional metamorphism; metamorphic rock; igneous rock; sedimentary rock; rock cycle.

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