Sedimentary Rocks Comp. Lab Ex. part 2
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And awayyyy we go again....

Sedimentary Rocks Computer Lab 2

A. Go to the following web site

Click on "Sedimentary" on the sidebar.
Click on "Grain Size"

1. Describe the page content. (I just wanted you to see the types of sampling and statistical analysis used...)

Go to the following web site:

New Mexico

Click on each bedform type and observe their shapes.

Go to the following website and view the movies.

View each (ALL) of the quicktime movies for a better idea of how some bedforms are generated.

Go to the following web site:

Georgia Perimeter College

Sketch the drawings on the web site, and visually compare the sketch to the real examples in the photo's.

2. How do symmetrical ripples form?
3. What are sole marks, and how do they form?
4. What are flute marks? How do they form? How can we determine direction of flow using flute marks?

Go to the following web site


Sketch the rock layers, clearly defining the bedding planes of this ANGULAR UNCONFORMITY.

Go to the following web site to answer the following questions.

Use the links from the page above to answer the following questions.

5. How are stylolites formed?
6. What are concretions, and how are they usually formed?
7. What are crystal casts, and how are they formed?

8. What are each of the following: Trace fossils; grazing Trails; burrows.
9. What are stromatolites?
10. Thought question - answer this if you can reason the logic behind it - at least make an attempt! You first must understand how a stromatolite forms, or grows.....

Why would a stromatolite be good to use as an indicator of which direction was oriented upward?

11. Draw a flame structure.
12. What is a load cast?

13. What are the 3 ways parallel laminations can form?
14. When do ripple marks form?

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