Sedimentary Rocks Comp. Lab Ex. part 1
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Sedimentary Rocks Computer Lab

A. Go to the following web site

B. Click on "An Introduction To Sedimentary Rocks for the beginner"

C. Answer the following questions.

1. Under what conditions are minerals and rocks stable?
2. What is grus? (No, it's NOT mis-spelled!)
3. Explain the difference between calcite and micrite.
4. What is the end result of a granodiorite undergoing
complete weathering and transportation?
5. What is weathering?
6. The simple, ideal model predicts 3 products. What are
7. What causes quartz sand to separate from clay during
8. How is calcium carbonate transported?
9. Explain - fully - how waves on a beach affect river
10. Draw and label a sketch which shows relative deposition
of sediment starting at a beach and reaching the far shelf.
11. Explain why calcite gets deposited, and what it then
12. Why is sandstone study important?
13. Explain maturity as it relates to sandstone.
14. Where is about the only place limestone is being

Click on "A basic classification".

15. List the size range of breccia on the Wentworth scale.
16. Why is classification of sedimentary rocks complicated?
17. What are siliciclastic rocks?
18. Explain why minerals in solution tend to be deposited
19. Explain the difference betwen chemical and
biochemical rocks.
20. Peat and coal always form in the presence of what
clastic rocks?

Click on the link below to answer qustions below.

21. Click on .pdf version and print it.
22. What 2 broad divisions is Earth's surface divided into? Define them.
23. What are the 2 systems depositional basins are divided into?
24. List 2 other methods of partitioning or dividing depositional basins.
25. Define the term "depositional environment".
26. In geology, how are environments defined?
27. Explain the difference between a "long system" and a "short system".
28. Can the parts of a long system be rearranged?
29. Where do fan delta's occur?
30. Where do carbonate systems develop?
31.What environments dominate carbonate systems?

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