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BNL Science Club News

IF we don't do the cave fish, here are some links to consider:

Yahoo search 1

Yahoo search 2

FWS Midwest Indiana

Fish and Wildlife Service Fanshell

Fish and Wildlife Service






Itis (takes a long time to load)

Nature Serve


I think we can do this, there seems to be a plethora of information AND maps about the Northern Blind Cavefish.

Hope my links help. You SHOULD by now have your invitations to join the YahooGroups page for BNLSci. This will let you e-mail everyone at one time.

We DO need to contact the forest service and Soils and Water districts since they are putting on the competition...(Hannah has the names/numbers).

Species specific websites:

Spring Mill blind fish

This one has LOTS of background and may give ideas about the restoration. Don't miss the "next" buttons at the page bottoms.

Karst (REALLY good!)


A homepage with Info about habitat, etc. (nice... with links to articles)

Fish and Wildlife Service - has video and transcripts

Research article

I-69 report

My Yahoo search for Amblyopsis spelaea Indiana

For the Envirothon team - here are some links (below this message) for you to look at.
We will meet tomorrow - Tuesday 4/14 after school to assign responsibilities.
The next general meeting will not be until April 27th.

The Nature Conservancy link for Endangered/extirpated

DNR endangered/extirpated website

Natural Heritage of Indiana


I-69 impact - check out the map on page 3

Free Library

Conserving Biodiversity Purdue Site

Indiana DNR page (different from the first)

Meetings have been set as every other Monday (Jan 12th, etc.) after school in room 3220 (Mr. Bailey's room).

2008-2009 OFFICERS!

President: Samantha Nier

Vice President: Miranda Bay

Secretary: Hannah Johnson

Treasurer: Emily Bailey

Club t-shirts - 2 designs have been discussed - are there any other possible designs? See Mr. Bailey within the next week about it!

Stream cleanup this spring will be set sometime around April 22, which is Earth Day....

Envirothon teams need to come together.... note the links below....

Bring any and all items which you can think of to bring up, including any projects you would like to do to the next meeting, or write them up and give them to any officer or Mr. Bailey....

Here are some links to the Envirothon Competition:

Indiana Association of Soil and Water Districts Envirothon Competition Homepage 2009

Lawrence County Soil and Water District

National Canon Envirothon Homepage

West Virginia Conservation Agency Envirothon Homepage

Fun and Games, and interesting links....

The Space Place

NASA kids

Kids Astronomy

Hubble Kids

Hubble Kids

Amazing Space

Chandra Kids


Aurora Gallery

MIT Astronomy

Astronomy Photo of the day

The Universe Today

Sky and Telescope magazine

Earth Science Photo of the day

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