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How it all is put together...and interactions...

Go to the following web site and answer the questions.

1) List and define the different types of species interactions (You will have to know all the interactions relative to parasitism, but your answer should be generic about the main interaction).

Species interactions (1)

Species interactions (2)

2) What is the Law of Competitive Exclusion?

3) What happens as a result of the Law of Competitive Exclusion?

4) Organisms compete for what?

5) List and describe the 2 types of competition.

6) Describe what happens during coevolution.

7) What are "Keystone Species"?

8) Lichens exhibit what type of relationship between Algae and fungi? What does each do?

9) What is biotic potential?

10) Explain what happens during Population Oscillations and Irruptive Growth.

11) Do all populations go through Oscillations and Irruptive Growth? WHY/WHY NOT?

12) Explain the differences between species adapted for high growth rates and those adapted for living at or near carrying capacity.


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