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I just don't update this often - get over it.

Updated news!

My HASTI District 8 Board of Directors position ends in June 2008.

EW 2007 - May be the last year of this great workshop. Concentrated on Soils/macroinvertebrates in the Riparian zone - the same area in which we did the transect in 2005. Cool stuff I had never seen before.

EPICS 2007 - The first High School EPICS program workshop in West Lafayette. Now the program is on both coasts, and BNLHS was the first as of 5 years ago. Had a 2nd workshop as well later in the summer.

HASTI 2007
Ended my term as IESTA President.

Spring 2006
GIFT in Vienna. My first time off continent. Awesome speakers, awesome workshop. Setting was incredible. Heard a Nobel Prize winner, and many researchers speak about polar research and the International Polar Year.

Summer 2006
Earthworks again!! Too cool for words!!!! So many great teachers there, and the ideas one gets from this workshop are fantastic. I've been very lucky to have attended this more than once. The staff are great, and do their level best to accomodate what we want to do as far as inquiry learning and research. This time I helped work on Solar measurements of the ionosphere using low frequency radio signals. Way cool.

EW Split my summer - around which time was taken up as a PEPP Fellow. Earthquake analysis all summer, the end product of which was collated into research presented at AGU this year.

Summer 2005
Earthworks again. Awesome!
Researched about the riparian zone. Cross sectioned the creek and the riparian zone, did population counts - which I'd never done in such a prescribed manner. Very useful.

Summer 2004
Took the summer off.

Summer 2003

Earthworks workshop at Cal-Wood in Colorado was a good time. Learned a lot about classroom dynamics, and met a lot of good people. Really an excellent workshop, which leaves you with lots of classroom ideas. Did water quality studies, which has helped immensely for my Environmental Science class.

PEPP is next week, and I have professional workshops dealing with P.L. 221 the following week.

Summer 2002

Spent a week at PDK in Bloomington learning about curriculum alignment. Not too bad, but was really what a Curriculum Director should be doing.

Spent time at the University of Pittsburgh - Bradford learning more about Earth System Sciences and how to get students more involved in class activities. Very nice.

Continued the PEPP workshops.

Summer 2001
Well, another summer has past and I actually slowed down a little bit. I did a school to work workshop at the Lawrence County (Indiana) Soil and Water District. They made sure I got a good feel for what they do. It was very educational, and everyone in the office did their best to make sure I had a good experience. I'm not sure which part I enjoyed most, but I came away with a new perspective on skills needed in the workplace. Thanks especially to Missy Shaber who set it all up, and to the rest who put up with me for the week!
I also did another PEPP (Princeton Earth-Physics Project) workshop at Indiana University (see the links below). Lots of new faces - and new ideas - at that one!

Florida - summer 2000

Well, I had a great time in Florida at TRUE 2000. I should have updated this before now, but it somehow it never seemed to get done.

I made lots of new friends down in Gainesville from all over the country, and was also able to see and participate in original research - which wouldn't have been possible without TRUE. I have to thank both CPET at UF and the NSF for hosting and sponsoring the program. It's very worthwhile. Mary-Jo, Tammy, and the rest of UF CPET - thanks bunches for inviting me to participate! It opened my eyes somewhat as to how to teach science more effectively and gave me a different perspective on the whole learning and research process. I learned some new skills in the process and had lots of fun too. What more could you ask of a program?

Click here to see the TRUE web site!

Click here to see *my own* TRUE 2000 web site!

Old News....

I returned from the (June) '99 PESTO conference in Aspen, Colorado last summer very impressed with the way it was presented. Teachers and administrators got a new view of global change. You just couldn't ask for a better setting for something like that. It was well thought out and really reinforced the idea that we should strive toward better understanding of our environment and not take a knee jerk reaction stance. I made a lot of new friends from Canada, not to mention the rest of the US too. Unfortunately it will apparently not be a continuing workshop; I'm sure all the other participants are very disappointed as well.

My Interests....

I teach Earth Science, Environmental Science, Meteorology and Astronomy in grades 10-12 at Bedford-North Lawrence high school in Bedford, Indiana. Some of my responsibilities include operating Morrow observatory on the BNL campus.

I schedule presentations to groups at times when we can fit it into my schedule.

The Stonebelt Stargazers Club, which is based in Lawrence County Indiana, will be having their monthly meetings at the observatory the 3rd Monday of the month this year.

The observatory has two telescopes, a 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain and a 16" Schmidt permanently mounted in a building with a retractable roof, and a separate classroom nearby.

I am a 1998 JPL Ambassador To Jupiter, current Ambassador to the Solar System, and give presentations about the Galileo Spacecraft now orbiting Jupiter and its moons (Galileo Homepage) and many other NASA programs.

BNLHS also has a research seismometer affiliated with the Princeton Earth-Physics Project network.

See the IU-PEPP homepage for more information OR the Princeton PEPP homepage with data recorded at BNL and other stations:

Princeton PEPP homepage

More later...

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