Mineral Properties
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Mineral Notes....

This is to replace the notes you would have taken in
class. Read through the material on the page to which
I've linked, and take notes about the following
mineral properties:
Luster (Each type)
Hardness (including Moh's Scale of Relative Hardness)
Cleavage (Each type)
Specific Gravity
Tenacity (Each type)
Luminescence (and the other properties)

Please note this is not an all inclusive list of
mineral properties, but it does cover a lot.

Do NOT print these out for your notebooks - I want
handwritten notes only. Your notebooks will be turned
in Thursday to be included in the 9 weeks grading

Make sure you use your time wisely - I will have no
sympathy for those who waste time and chit-chat with
other students instead of taking notes. I WILL be
watching and taking down names....

And I intend to take this page down after school, so
get busy!

Don't try to copy everything word for word, get the
major points of each property, and be able to define
each property and how to use it in identifying a

If you finish with taking notes, you may want to try
the other part of the exercise on the same page as the

Make sure you understand these properties - you will
be using them in lab on Thursday and Friday.

To go to the page from which you will take notes, click


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