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Welcome to Mr. Bailey's Computer Lab exercise page

Today's topic: Metamorphic Rocks

Go to the following web sites to answer the questions below.

1. The underlying principle to understanding all things geological is what?

2. What happens to heat and pressure as depth increases?

3. Explain the difference between hydrostatic pressure and directed pressure.

4. What happens to granite exposed at the earths surface?

5. What is metamorphism?

6. Explain the difference between prograde and retrograde metamorphism.

7. Which is faster - prograde or retrograde metamorphism?

8. What are the 2 main mechanisms of metamorphism?

9. What is the average geothermal gradient?

10. What are the factors that control the melting point of a rock?

11. What happens to a rocks melting point as pressure increases?

12. How does the presence of fluids affect the melting point of a rock?

13. Metamorphic rocks are classified on the basis of what characteristics?

14. What is the relationship between the process of metamorphism and the resulting rocks?

15. Explain the difference between foliated and nonfoliated rocks.

16. Go to this web site and look at a good example of a migmatite!

17. Go to this web site and print out the .pdf file  for (1) granular and (2) foliated metamorphic rock keys.
18. Go to this web site and read the material.