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Computer Lab Topographic Map Exercise BNLHS Geology

Turn in the answers to ALL questions today. Turn the maps in on Wed.

Go to the USGS web site at (and also links from this page) and answer the following questions.

1. What is the distinctive characteristic of a topographic map?
2. Contour lines make it possible to do what?
3. Why do contour lines NEVER cross?
4. Contour lines that are close together show what feature?
5. Where do bathymetric contours usually occur? What do they show?

Go to the web site at and follow the instructions here.

1. Scroll to where the text reads “Construction of a topographic map.”
2. Place the cursor over the dot-to-dot map.
3. Click on the right button on the mouse.
4. Click on “View Image”.
5. Print ONLY the map with the elevation data points.
6. Follow the instructions listed under “Construction of a topographic map.” to construct a topographic map of the area shown.
7. Read the instructions for drawing a profile.
8. Right click on the box with A-B at the top.
9. Click on “View Image”.
10. Print the BOX ONLY.
11. Follow the instructions to construct a profile.
12. If you have an e-mail address, print it on the back of your contour line map.

Go to and locate the area where you live, with the greatest amount of detail
you can find (click on the buttons for scale and size to find the most information). Right click, view
image, PRINT MAP ONLY. Turn in with other maps.

Go to the American Museum of Natural History web site at and marvel at the method used to simulate landscapes to “map” topography. I think it’s really neat because it’s so simple!

Go to the web site at and answer the questions below.

1. Maps and air photos provide a convenient way to do what?
2. Topographic maps give users a sense of the height of mountains of the depth of canyons by showing what?
3. What are the five categories of information displayed on topographic maps?
4. List and sescdibe the 3 rtpes of scales.
5. Why do compasses NOT point toward true north?
6. List 3 ways elevation can be listed n a map.
Go to again and answer the following questions from that page (or links from that page).
7. What does the color purple say about an area on a topographic map?
8. Maps of flat areas have contour intervals of what size?
9. Maps of Maps in mountainous areas may have contour intervals of what size?
10. Draw the map symbol for a county boundary as shown on a topographic map.
11. What color is a Township or Range line?
12. Draw the symbol for a quarry or open pit mine as shown on a topographic map.
13. What color is a glacier as shown on a topographic map?
14. Draw the symbol for an intermittent stream.
15. Draw the symbol for a marsh or swamp.

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