Earth Motions
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Use the links above to complete the lab.

1. Find a picture of Earth's magnetosphere. Do a right button click, view image, and print. Attach the image to your paper before you turn it in today.

2. What causes the shape of Earth's magnetosphere?

3. Find a folding 3-dimensional paper model of the magnetosphere. Print it out.

4. How were the radiation belts discovered?

5. In the simplest terms, Earth can be thought of as a what?

6. Why does solar plasma interact with magnetic fields?

7. What are magnetic field lines?

8. How are auroral lights produced?

Go to the following web site:

9. The best viewing for the space station is when it's elevation is greatest. When is the next best viewing evening for Indianapolis?

10. What planets can be seen in the evening now?

11. When does Jupiter's red spot transit tonight?

12. In what direction does the moon lie tonight?

13. How far above the horizon in degrees is the moon 45 minutes after sunset tonight?

14. What time is sunrise and sunset today? (16JAN2002) Use 39 degrees North latitude, 86 degrees west longitude, and +5 hours to calculate.

15. What is the current moon phase, and what % of the moon is visible?

16. The skymap for January 2002 is called what?

17. Where can you find Mercury in the sky this month?

18. What meteor shower occurs in August?

19. When is the next Penumbral lunar eclipse visible from the America's?

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