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Here we go again.....

Video: The Lorax (Youtube)


1.What natural resource did the Once-ler find?

2.What happened to them?

3.The Once-ler used these natural resources to start a business which made and sold a product. What was the name of the product?

4.Why was the Once-ler so determined to make them?

5.How many people and animals were helped by efforts of the Once-ler?

6.The Once-ler said to himself, “If I didn’t do it, someone else would.” Does this justify his actions?

7.The Once-ler was feeling sorry for the Truffula trees, until some event occurred. What happened to change his mind back to being greedy?

8.At the pleading of the Lorax, the Once-ler sarcastically commented, “Shut does the factories? Is that good economics?” What did the Once-ler mean by that statement?

9.One song in The Lorax has the lyrics, “Everybody DO need a thneed.” Why was that not true?

10.How did the Once-ler create a “demand” for his thneeds?

11.How was the thneed used by buyers?

12.The thneed is a mythical item. However, what do you think the thneed represents?

13.What was the symbolism of the last truffula seed and the sign saying “UNLESS?”
A.The next generation has the hope and power to reverse the damage done.
B.The boy can now make lots of money growing more trees and creating more thneeds.
C.The Once-ler turned the factories over to the boy to manage.
D.The boy was to go to a faraway land and start the process all over again there.

The Lorax is an allegory. An allegory is a tale in which objects and actions in the story have meanings outside the story. Characters often stand for abstract ideas like charity, greed, or envy. An allegory is a story with two meanings: a literal one and a symbolic one.

14.Why do you think we never see the Once-ler’s face? Who or what does he represent?

15.Who or what does the Lorax represent?

16.What technology did the Once-ler invent to increase the production of thneeds?

17.How does the creation of new technology impact production?

18.Is business growth and development of resources good or bad? Explain.

19.According to the cartoon, what is the result of “progress” and “improved technology?” Give two examples from the cartoon: (Hint: It can be positive or negative)

20.The Lorax thought his views might be considered “old fashioned” and that “progress progresses too fast.” Do you think progress in our modern society is occurring too quickly, or not quickly enough?

21.Why is it important to restore land after such damage has been done?

22.How can we restore the environment after damage is done?

23.Who should pay for such repairing of the environment?

“Sustainable development” is defined as meeting the needs of the present without reducing the ability of people to meet their needs in the future. You might say we can “use it, but don’t abuse it, or we’ll lose it.”

24.Did the Once-ler practice “sustainable development?” How or how not?

25.What mental change occurred in the first half of the 1900s to help Missourians practice sustainable development of forests?

26.Think of an example in our community or area in which we currently do or should practice sustainable development. Are we doing a good or bad job at “using it without abusing it?” What should be done differently?

27.Which do you believe our society most resembles: the Lorax or the Once-ler? Why?

28.The Once-ler learned that he had made a serious mistake. What was his mistake, in your opinion?

29.Many human economic activities are planned for the short-term, perhaps from several to ten or fifteen years. Why is long-term planning that spans several human generations more necessary?

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