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Go to every link on the website listed below in order to answer the questions.

Liquifaction Information

1. What is soil liquifaction?

2. What causes soil liquifaction?

3. Explain how earthquakes may trigger soil liquifaction.

4. What happens to soil strength when liquifaction occurs?

5. Where does soil liquifaction commonly occur?

6. What areas in Lawrence county might be susceptible to liquifaction?

7. List 3 ways liquifaction hazards might be avoided or reduced.

8. What are the three main ways to reduce liquefaction hazards?

9. How is the initial "state" of a soil defined?

10. Why are soils composed of particles that are all about the same size more susceptible to liquefaction than soils with a wide range of particle sizes?

Have a look at some of the effects of liquifaction. Does the question about WHERE in Lawrence county now make a little more sense?

Liquifaction photo's

11. How do sand boils form?

Sand Boils

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