EnvironMENTALly speaking
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EnvironMENTAL science!

You will be doing a tree leaf collection with the following restrictions:

1) Trees MUST be listed in the booklet "50 Trees of Indiana".

2) For an "A" you will correctly identify 25 leaves, collected by you and mounted on either construction paper or poster board with the following information included on the paper:
a) The name of the tree species

b) Your name

c) The date on which it was collected

d) The location where it was collected. Note that this can vary; if you have a gps capability, it is acceptable. Otherwise, a street address in town, or a mailbox address out in the country along with approximate distances is acceptable. See me if you have any questions.

e) All the information used to identify the tree species (Alternate or opposite arrangement of leaves, etc.)

If you have any questions about these, please see Mr. Bailey

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Tree ID 2...

Tree ID 3...

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