Igneous Rocks just burn me up!
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Igneous ROCKS!

Poster Projects WILL BE DUE 11/20/2014

Use the links below to answer the following questions. you will have to take links from the .jmu page link in order to find the answers.

Click HERE for the page where you find the answers to the questions below...

1. What happens to Earths temperature the deeper you go?

2. What are are the two most abundant igneous rocks at the earth's surface?

3. Why do quartz grains found in an igneous rock usually not show crystal shape?

4. How can someone identify quartz in an igneous rock from plagioclase?

5. Where are the high temperature rocks found in Bowens Reaction Series?

6. What is the term for coarse grained texture?

7. What is the term for fine grained texture?

8. How does glassy texture form?

9. Compare Mafic rocks with Felsic rocks.

10. All igneous rock classifications are combinations of what?

11. Explain the cooling history of a rock with porphyritic texture.

12. What are phenocrysts?

13. What is a groundmass?

14. What is meant by a vesicular texture?

15. Compare granite with rhyolite.

16. Compare granite with gabbro.

17. What are ultramafic rocks?

18. What is fractionation?

19. What happens during fractionation?

20. What is gravity settling?

21. Describe the practical problems with fractional crystallization.

22. What were the 2 processes which Bowen proposed that any one magma could potentially crystallize into rocks of different compositions?

23. What is the premise behind Bowens Reaction Principle?

24. Describe Bowens Fractionation Principle.

25. What is a phase?

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