The eye of the storm....
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A. Go to the following web site.


Answer the questions below by reviewing the website online.

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1. Hurricanes are formed from what?
2. What are the requirements for hurricane development?
3. What happens to storm development when wind shear is weak?
4. List the three sources for hurricane formation.
5. Why don’t hurricanes form at the equator?
6. What is CISK?
7. In CISK, what is the role of Latent heat?
8. What are the stages of development of a hurricane?
9. How long may hurricanes “live”?
10. When is a tropical depression first designated?
11. What is the difference between a tropical depression and a tropical storm?
12. What is the major problem associated with tropical storms?
13. When does a tropical storm become a hurricane?
14. What is the wind speed range of a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale?
15. What is the most recognizable feature found within a hurricane?
16. Explain why the exact center of a hurricanes eye is calm.
17. Where are the most damaging winds of a hurricane located?
18. What are the bands radiating outward from the eye wall?
19. Where is air pressure lowest in a hurricane?
20. The path of a hurricane depends mostly upon what?

Check out this "rogues gallery" of hurricanes....


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