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Human Population Demographics

Use the following web sites to answer the questions below. IF a link is broken, use Google to search for the answer.


Developed/Developing 2


Polar Bears


World Population Clock

U.S. Demographics

U.S. Census Bureau Quick facts

IDB Summary Demographic Data

World Trade Organization

Swededn/Mexico demographics

1) List at least 3 reasons why developing countries have high birth rates.

2) List at least 3 reasons why developed countries have low birth rates.

3) List at least 3 reasons why developing countries have high death rates.

4) List at least 3 reasons why developed countries have low death rates.

5) Compare the general death rates for Africa with that of North America.

6) List at least 4 reasons for higher infant death rates in developing countries.

7) List at least 4 effects of a quickly growing population on the population.

8) Why are scientists using contraceptives on those cute little koalas?

9) Why is the Polar Bear survival rate dropping?

10) Why is the seal population "out of control"?

11) What is the estimated population of the U.S.?

12) What is the estimated world population?

13) What is the projected population of the U.S. in 2020?

14) Developing regions account for what percentage of today's population growth?

15) Compare the birth/death rates for Sweden and Mexico.

The demographic transition model describes the change of human population. Using the model found on the following ink, answer the questions which follow:

Demographic Transition

16) On the chart, there can be found CBR and CDR. What do those mean?

17) Stage one was true of all human populations up until when?

18) What caused the change from stage one to stage two?

19) What is stage one generally associated with or characterized by?

20) Spikes in the death rate for stage one were caused by what?

21) On a daily basis, in stage one deaths were caused generally by what?

22) Continue reading about the demographic transition, and study the charts - compare the differences between the different stages. Be able to, given a chart or written description characteristics, identify the stage into which a country is classified.

Read about the Rocky Mountain Institute:

Rocky Mountain Institute

23) What types of research does RMI support?


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