Mineral Properties Questions
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Mineral Uses and Deposits

Click on the following web site; use the link to find the following about each mineral listed, and write them on a sheet of paper to be turned in Monday.

HINT #1: It may be easier to do a right button click, then click on "Open in new window". That way you have both my page AND the new page open, and can then toggle from one page to the other more easily.

HINT #2: Pay attention to the links on the left side of the minerals page...

For EACH of the following minerals find the following:

A) Uses (Is it an ore, of what, what is it's econonomic value or significance?)
B) Locations of major deposits (Where are they located? 4 0r 5 will do)
C) Best Field Indicators (In other words, how would you most easily identify them?)

The mineral name next to each number will be the mineral on which you are to do research. The number will indicate the computer number at which you are seated.

Mineral Properties Link

1. Copper

2. Graphite

3. Diamond

4. Sulfur

5. Quartz

6. Fluorite

7. Albite

8. Microcline

9. Plagioclase

10. Biotite

11. Muscovite

12. Talc

13. Kaolinite

14. Olivine

15. Topaz

16. Hornblende

17. Garnet

18. Calcite

19. Dolomite

20. Malachite

21. Azurite

22. Gypsum

23. Barite

24. Apatite

25. Halite

26. Topaz

27. Tourmaline

28. Magnetite

29. Limonite

30. Hematite

31. Gold

32. Silver

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