Mineral Properties Questions
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Click on the following web site; read it, use the links to answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper, and pay attention to the photographs.

Mineral Properties Link

1. How can minerals be identified absolutely?

2. What are the defining marks for a mineral?

3. Describe an idealized physical property.

4. (color) Why is color usually NOT a good property to use in identifying a mineral?

5. What causes color in minerals?

6. Explain how trace elements affect a mineral's color.

7. What element causes Azurite to have its blue color?

8. What is LUSTER? (Copy the examples!)

9. What is the technical term for transparency?

10. Explain the difference between transparent, translucent, and opaque.

11. (crystal systems) What is responsible for the outward shape of a crystal?

12. List and identify (describe)the 7 crystallographic systems.

13. What is cleavage?

14. How are different terms used to describe cleavage?

15. What is fracture?

16. What is hardness as related to minerals?

17. List Moh's hardness scale.

18. List the revised scale (common object hardnesses only)

19. How is specific gravity related to density?

20. What are striations?

21. What causes striations on a crystal?

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