Feedback Loops Exercise
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Feedback Loops

Today's exercise:

Use Chrome.

A. Go to the following web sites and read through the information listed there:

Feedback Loop Background information

1. Explain the difference between a positive feedback loop and a negative feedback loop.

(go to the next page by clicking "Next Page" an the bottom of the page.

2) Why is the Sun neither a positive or a negative part of an Earth System feedback loop?

3) Read the background information for "Daisy World";. To start the simulation ,Click on

A White and Black Daisy World Model with Assignment

Once the applet is open, click on "setup", then click "GO". To pause, click on "go". To change settings, adjust the characteristic that you wish to change, then click "go" again.

Click for

Background information part 1

Click for

Background information part 2

Click for

Background information part 3

Change the settings to get a stable (one that doesn't die out completely and stays relatively the same) population.

5) What causes the white daisies to become dominant?

6) What happens to the planet temperature as white daisies become dominant? Explain why this happens.

7) What causes the black daisies to become dominant?

8) What happens to the planet temperature as the black daisies become dominant? Explain why this happens.

9)What does this cycle of change on "Daisy World" demonstrate?

Read the material on the following link:

Feedback Loop In Action

Once you are finished with this, then you may work on other things, including work from other classes. You are NOT to play games on websites other than what may be found in previous links from this class page.

Or this:

Feedback Loop part 2

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