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For tomorrow: Define the terms for chapter 11 on page 285 and turn them in tomorrow (Friday Dec. 7). Also remember that you have a packet due tomorrow. Your test will be Wed., not Tuesday....

You will also have to know each of the fault types and fold types in chapter 11 - be able to name them!

1) Go to the links below and draw and label each of the main fault types, then draw/define the stress and/or strain involved with each.

Faults and folds

2) Go to the link below and answer the objective questions on a separate paper.

Crustal Deformation

Use the link below to go to the following website and read the article about Alfred Wegener. There will be questions over this on your test Tuesday.



Go to the following website for today's instructions.

Plate Tectonics

Go to the following website for today's instructions.

Sedimentary Rocks


Continue with yesterday's assignment, turn it in, then read the material on the following website:

Interactive Volcano - build your own!

National Geographic Interactive Volcano - build your own! (there are several forces of nature interactives, choose the volcano!)

Channel One Interactive Volcano - build your own!

Volcano World's fun stuff!

CNN: Anatomy of a Volcano

Mt. St. Helens volcano cam

Hawai'i Kilauea volcano cam

(Why is it probably dark?)

Click on the following link to go to the web page with instructions for today:

Igneous rocks computer lab exercise

Click on the following link to go to the web page with instructions for today:

Minerals computer lab exercise


Go to the following web site about topographic map symbols and answer the questions below.

Topographic Map Symbols

Draw the following and label them as to the color in which they appear on a topographic map.
1) Glacier
2) Orchard
3) Wooded marsh or swamp
4) A mine shaft
5) A State Forest Boundary
6) An unpaved landing strip
7) A disappearing stream
8) A spring or seep
9) A Quarry
10) A Range or Township Line

Use the following web site to answer the questions below:

USGS Topographic Maps

11) Why might maps within the same series have slightly different symbols for the same feature?

Read the material on te link below..

Contour Lines Topographic Maps

Read the material on this link to answer the question below:

Determining Contour Interval

12) There are 2 ways to determine the contour interval of an area. List them.

13) Read the material on this link and practice reading elevations on topographic maps:

Reading Elevations on Topographic Maps

14) Read the material on this link to answer the question below:

Gradients on Topographic Maps

15) Looking at Spruce Knob on the map...which side is steepest? (East side or West side?)

16) Read the material on this link to answer the question below:


17) "PLSS" stands for what?
18) What is the main drawback of the PLSS?

Read the tutorial using the link below. You may want to take notes on this....

Township and Range

Now that you've read the above page, go to the following web site and do the activity. You will be using an interactive map. Pay attention to which location and question number you are attempting to locate; do all 5 exercises and answer the questions. You will be clicking on the area of the map shown, which will then zoom in on the next smaller map division.

Interactive Township and Range activity


Click on the following link for the computer lab exercise for 9/5/07:

Careers Assignment

Check out the websites and events listed below.

This site has galleries of the Aurigid meteor shower (and more) from the past weekend.

Here are events taking place this month. You may have to copy and paste the links into the toolbar.

In September, Jupiter slips further towards the west in the evening sky but remains bright and prominent. Morning viewers will see Saturn and
Venus low in the east before sunrise, with Venus reaching maximum brilliancy on September 22. New moon is September 11.


Kirkwood Observatory on the IU campus will be open on September 5, 12, and 19 from 9:30 - 11:30 PM and September 26 from 8:30 ] 10:30 PM, if the weather is clear. A weather update is available on the Web at,
or call our Kirkwood "hotline" at 812 855]7736 to check that the
Observatory will be open if the weather is iffy.


On September 19, the IU Asian Culture Center will team up with the IU Department of Astronomy to celebrate the Asian Moon Festival, a traditional celebration of abundance and fellowship. The observatory will be open
8:30 - 10:30 for viewing of the Moon, and tea and moon cakes will be served.


The Departments of Physics and Astronomy at IU invite you to the
annual Physics and Astronomy Open House, scheduled for September 29,
9 AM - 2:30 PM. At the Open House, you will find hands-on demonstrations and presentations suitable for any age. For details, directions, and a schedule, see


To see what celestial events are in store for this month, check out
Hal Kibbey's Star Trak column at


The Stonebelt Stargazers meet on the third Monday of each month at
6:30 PM at the Morrow Observatory on the Bedford North Lawrence High School Campus, Bedford, Indiana. For further information, see
The Stargazers' next Spring Mill State Park Public Star Party is
scheduled for October 20.


The Indiana Astronomy Society will meet at 7:00 PM on September 8 at
the Goethe Link Observatory in Morgan County. The program will feature a talk by IUB's Richard Durisen (see on the
formation of the gas giant planets. Dr. Durisen's group researches gas giant formation
through modelling.
The IAS has also scheduled a New Moon Observing and Public Event at
McCloud Nature Park ( in Hendricks County on September 14. The event is open to the public. Contact the IAS for details.


Holcomb Planetarium will be featuring "The New Solar System" on Friday and Saturday evenings starting at 9:15. Observing at the observatory will follow the presentation when weather permits. Check the website at Holcomb
Planetarium at Butler University for details.


On September 19, PBS will air a 60-minute documentary by Timothy
Ferris entitled "Seeing in the Dark". The documentary, based on Ferris's book
of the same name, relates the wonder of discovery of stargazing and amateur astronomy.

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