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Semester 2


You will be in the computer lab today AND Thursday, and since I will have limited access to computers while I am gone this week I am putting instructions for BOTH days below. It will take you that long to get through it all. Don't waste time, make sure you do it.

Got it?

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Computer lab, Week of April 3-7, 2006

Go to the following web site for your instructions.

Planets exercise


Pay attention to visuals of the vocabulary terms in chapter 13, especially the animations. Be able to determine the volcano type based on shape and composition using the following links.

On each of the following web sites, take notes about volcanoes and be able to accurately draw sketches of each volcano type, and know the lava type associated with each. Know the 3 largest historical eruptions. Write all your answers on a separate paper and turn them in Thursday.

Take the volcano field trip using this link:

Volcano Field Trip

How Volcanoes Work

National Geographic Forces of Nature


Historical eruptions

How Stuff Works: Volcanoes

COTF Volcano Locations

UCAR Volcano Tour

Click on the links below to see today's lab exercise.

You will need to read the instructional material before you can complete it in the lab. Don't try to skip through the instructions, because you'll only get frustrated. The instructions explain HOW to do the lab.

The linked page is also a bit different from my standard web pages - links are listed to the left of the instructions for each page.

Do NOT turn in any of this work until I return to class. I'm sure there will be questions.



Click on the links below to see today's lab exercise.

Plate Tectonics

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