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To Start with......

This is perhaps a bit different than the first page you looked at; make sure you are able to answer the questions below by using the links from this page.

You might want to do a right button click to get the pull down menu and open the link in a new page to allow viewing of both by toggling back and forth between the two pages.

The second link on this page has an interactive page with the Township and Range system. Please read through the material, try to understand the T and R system, then use the interactive site to check your understanding.

MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE FOLLOWING TERMINOLOGY!!!!! It WILL be on the test along with the other materials listed below!

Range lines
Township Lines
Principal Meridian
Base Line

Know the dimensions (Length, Width) of a Township AND a Section.

Know how to number all the sections in a Township 1 - 36.

Know how many acres are in a Section.

Be able to correctly locate property to within 1/4 of 1/4 of a Section within a given Township.

What is the length of a Surveyors Chain?

What is the length of a Surveyors Rod?

Be able to recognize an example of the Indiscriminate Metes and Bounds property description.

Simply click on the link you wish to look at....

Principal Meridians and Baselines

Interactive T-R exercise


JSU T-R explanation

Metes and Bounds

T and R Baselines, Principal Meridians grid

Outfitters explanation

T+R explanation

Oil and natural gas well desciptions

UW map explanations

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