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Assignment for 12/2/2015

Complete todays assignment by clicking on each of the following links and turning in the assignment via Google Classroom. I will no longer accept papers that are shared. Hand them in via goggle classroom.

Weathering 1

Weathering 2


Assignment for 11/18/2015

Finish the assignment from last time if you have not already done so and turn it in; then continue with today's exercise.

Complete the following review pages, and pay attention - SOME questions are taken directly from the test. For the one page that is not interactive - in other words, you cannot mark answers and check them immediately - then write your answers or type them; you can check them at the page end.

Rocks and Mineral Quiz

Rock Cycle Quiz

Igneous Rock Quiz

BBC Rock Quiz

Rocks Practice Test

Rocks Quiz


Assignment for 11/5/2015

No quiz today. Finish the assignment from yesterday and turn it in, then continue with today's exercise.

Rock Cycle


Assignment for 11/4/2015

Click on the following link for today's exercise, answer the questions, and turn in the assignment by the end of class then click the second link - it has notes for Igneous rocks. You will have a quiz over the notes tomorrow.

Igneous Rocks

Igneous Rocks notes

When finished with the exercise above, click on the following link and complete the Igneous Rocks lab.

Igneous Rocks Lab


Assignment for 10/28/2015

Click on the following link for today's exercise, answer the questions, and turn in the assignment by the end of class:

Sedimentary Rocks


Assignment for 10/28/2015

Click on the following link for today's exercise, answer the questions, and turn in the assignment by the end of class:



Assignment for 10/7/2015

Click on the following link, and complete the exercise there.

Energy Problems


Assignment for 10/1/2015

Click on the following link for today's exercise:

Interactive Lab

Click on
• Mineral Physical Properties and Mineral Identification, and then complete the exercise - MAKE SURE YOU put all of the results from the lab into a data sheet to be handed in! Use the following link to see an example of what you are to hand in.

Interactive Lab Data Sheet


Assignment for 9/30/2015

Click on the following link for today's exercise:

Mineral Report



Assignment for 9/23/2015

Click on the following link for today's exercise:

Mineral Properties 2


Assignment for 9/22/2015

Click on the following link for today's exercise:

Mineral Properties 2


Assignment for 9/16/2015

If you have not yet used Google classroom, do the following:

1: Search for google classroom.

2. Click on the first entry.

3. Enter your BNL Student e-mail

4. Enter your BNL Student password

5. Click on the + sign to join the class.

6. Enter the code for YOUR class period written on the board.

7. Once you have joined, continue here for further instructions.

8: Click on the following link for today's exercise:

Mineral Properties


Assignment for 9/9/2015

Know these and follow the guidelines:

(A) Read the instructions and follow them.

IF you do not finish with this today you must make other arrangements in order to do so. Today is the only day in the computer lab for this exercise, and it is likely you will not finish the exercise today if you want it to be quality work.

Go to the following website for an explanation of correlation and how it is used. Answer the questions which follow by reading the material found on the link.

Correlation explained...

Turn in your assignment by midnight Friday.

1. What is correlation?

2. What is the purpose of a correlation?

3. What is a positive correlation?

4. What is a negative correlation?

5. Positive correlations will be reported as what?

6. Negative correlations will be reported as what?

7. In the following sequence, which number has the strongest results? .3; -.6; .6; .8; -.9

8. What are the advantages of the correlation method?

9. What are the disadvantages of the correlation method?

Click on the link at the page bottom - "Read a correlation sample."

Read through the two samples.

10. Of the two samples, which had the stronger correlation?

To find out how the number is calculated, click here:

Correlation calculation explained...

(B) Use the link below to go to the following website:

Footprint calculator

Read the material, then find your carbon footprint by using the footprint calculator.

11) How many planets does it take to support YOUR lifestyle if everyone on Earth consumed as much as you?

I hope this opened your eyes to a few environmental problems which we face. One person makes choices which can affect everyone. Think about what you do before you act.


Assignment for 9/2/2015

Answer the questions found on the following link in an e-mail to me at

Include YOUR NAME, Date, and Class Period.

Topographic Maps lab

High/Low/Oblique photo examples


Assignment for 8/26/2015

Use your school e-mail to send me the answers to the questions on the exercises below.
Click on the following link for today's exercise:

Topographic Maps

Continue reading the material on the following link:

Map Projections


Assignment for 8/19/2015

Read through the rules for the following contest and start researching about the topic to get background for ideas to use in creating YOUR poster. You are NOT to use the logo for the contest, and material must be original work. (Originality is a plus - the more different your poster while addressing the topic, the better!) Posterboard will be supplied, and the poster handed in by early November; I would like a rough draft (on notebook paper is fine) of what you will be making by Friday, September 4th.

2016 Poster Contest

Pay attention to the links near the page bottom.("Other Useful Tools and Information for participants to design their posters.) Read through the links for tips about how to draw your poster.

The following assignment is due Friday morning by the start of period 1

(DO NOT GO TO ANY Site like Miniclips and play games. That may get you banned from the computer labs.)

Today's lab will be career research. Pick a career having to do with any of the branches of the Earth Sciences, and write a 1 page report on the career. Name, Date, and Class period in the upper right corner; Title centered; 1" Margins, double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font. Pictures are ok, but cannot take up more than 20% of the page (that will be a 20% deduction in points.)Name, title, and pictures should be no more than 30% of the page, unless there are multiple pages.

Include schooling/training, job conditions and expectations, salary, benefits, etc. Basically anything you would like to know if you were searching for a particular job.

Include a bibliography for the website(s) you used to find the information included in your report. The links which follow are starting points for ideas. You may search the following topics - Geoscience careers, meteorology careers, astronomy careers, oceanography careers, environmental careers.

You may also search for specific careers in the Earth Sciences which you know, or have seen references to on the pages which follow too.


IUPUI info and links...


AGIWeb employer index

- make sure you try the links from this one.

AGI Careers page

Earth magazine classified ads

USGS Employment

NESTA Geoscience careers page

AMS careers page

Sky-fire tv careers page

Weather channel kids careers page
. Don't let this one fool you - try the links.

SUNYFolk careers page

Meteorology careers page

A.P.College Board find a college page

Environmental Scientists careers page
. Make sure you look at the related majors and related careers links.

Agricultural and Food Scientists careers page

NRCS careers page

PSSAT Soil Scientists careers page

NSCSS Consulting Soil Scientists careers page

Geospatial careers page

GIS ESRI careers page

GIS Jobs Clearinghouse page

GIS Jobs and careers page

Geocommunity career center page

Foresters and Forestry technicians careers page

Park Rangers careers page

Environmental Inspectors careers page

Oceanography careers links

Office of Naval Research careers page

Sea Grant Marine careers page

Sea Grant All careers page

Hopkins Marine Station careers page

Cornell University Astronomy careers page

AAS Astronomy careers page

Astronomy Cafe careers page

NOAO careers FAQ page

Hopefully you get the idea. Use the links from the above pages to find further information.

Once you finish, click on the following links and read through the websites.

SERC NAGT activities

Here are events taking place this month. You may have to copy and paste the links into the toolbar.

To see what celestial events are in store for this month, check out
Hal Kibbey's Star Trak column at

Hal Kibbey's Star Trak


The Stonebelt Stargazers meet on the third Monday of each month at
6:30 PM at the Morrow Observatory on the Bedford North Lawrence High School Campus, Bedford, Indiana. For further information, see

Stonebelt Stargazers

Find more about Weather in Bedford, IN
Click for weather forecast

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