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Earthquake Links
The Virtual Earthquake This is a link to the first part of your computer lab exercise today. Read all information, then complete the exercises for the first 2 E'quakes on the list. Print the certificate for verification purposes.
Darmstadt Earthquake This is the PEPP network recording of the June 18 Darmstadt, Indiana Earthquake.
Seismosurfing! This is the University of Washington's web site for Seismological links for surfing the web. It's a great resource for researching earthquakes.
NEIC Current world seismicity map. Along what features are most earthquakes located?
NEIC USA seismicity map for the last 30 days...How many earthquakes (measured) have occurred in the U.S. in the last 30 days?
How Volcanoes Work Check this web site out if you have time - it's really good!
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