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Earthquake Links
The Virtual Earthquake This is a link to the first part of your computer lab exercise. Read all information, then complete the tutorial exercises for any two of the four Earthquakes (your choice as to which two you complete). Print the certificate for verification purposes for each quake and turn them in tomorrow. We will be in a computer lab again tomorrow.. If you do not complete one of your EQ's, you have to begin again. The site is dependent upon the data you enter, and as such cannot start over at the point at which you had to quit.
India Data set This is the PEPP (Princeton Earth Physics Project) network recording of the January 26, 2001 India Earthquake. BNL is part of the PEPP network - Watch for PPBNL. That's US!!! Compare the spacing of the P and S wave arrival times of this EQ to those of the Darmstadt EQ at the next link. Explain the differences in their times of arrival.
Darmstadt Earthquake This is the PEPP network recording of the June 18 2002 Darmstadt, Indiana Earthquake.
USGS The USGS EQ's for the last 7 days. What was the most recent quake? List the time of the 'quake and where it was located.
How Volcanoes Work Answer the following questions by going through the website. 1) Approximately how many active volcanoes are on Earth? (2) Most of those volcanoes are located along what part of the tectonic plates? (3) What are the differences between the Lithosphere and the Asthenosphere? (4) Volcanic eruptions above the lithospheric plates are driven by what? (5) List AND Decribe the three different plate boundaries. (6) What is intraplate volcanism? (7) Take the self test, and show me your score while it is onscreen.
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