Envirothon Competition
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Envirothon Details!

Please see Mr. Bailey ASAP about the following:

I am now looking for 12 participants (2 teams, 5 members per team + 1 alternate per team) for the Indiana Envirothon Academic Competition.

Participants will be meeting on a weekly basis either before or after school to go over study materials until the competition. Participants will receive enough extra credit to potentially raise their grade by between 1/2 to a full letter grade - conceivably an A+ is not out of the question, and I have never given one of those before.

You will have to study material, and you will also have to attend a field trip during the school day to participate in the area competition on March 6th, 2012.
We will be leaving at the beginning of school, traveling to the Lawrence County Fairgrounds, and returning to BNL just before 2:50 the same day.

***IF we place 3rd or higher, the SAME team members will also be required to attend the State competition Wednesday, April 25th
at the Beck Agricultural Center (West Lafayette, Indiana). This would mean you would return to BNL later than the end of the school day - but your team would first have to actually place high enough to participate in the State competition for this to happen.

Details and study information may be found on the following link:

Indiana Envirothon 2012

Note that details are found in the booklet. NOTE THAT LINKS TO DOCUMENTS IN A .PDF File can be linked by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking the link! (You don't have to cut and paste the link)

Again, let Mr. Bailey know your intentions ASAP.

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