Environmental Justice Lab Exercise
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Environmental Justice

A. Go to the following web sites and read through the information listed there; don't worry about answering questions or doing the activities listed on that page:

Use this site to find out specific information about pollution anywhere in the U.S.


1. Use the drop down menu to choose the following: Air releases in the entire U.S. in particulates and soot. Who is the leading polluter from Indiana and where are they located? by what criteria are they judged?

2. Follow the directions found below the cities about which you are to compare data to complete the lab exercise. Use the data found on the linked page to do a comparative study on the cities found by using the computer number at which you are sitting and the number prior to yours as the second number.

EPA ejmap

Computer Number
1. Niagara Falls, New York
2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
3. Indianapolis, Indiana
4. Columbus, Ohio
5. Atlanta, Georgia
6. Detroit, Michigan
7. Denver, Colorado
8. Jackson, Mississippi
9. Louisville, Kentucky
10. St. Louis, Missouri
11. Niagara Falls, New York
12. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
13. Indianapolis, Indiana
14. Columbus, Ohio
15. Atlanta, Georgia
16. Detroit, Michigan
17. Denver, Colorado
18. Jackson, Mississippi
19. Louisville, Kentucky
20. St. Louis, Missouri
21. Niagara Falls, New York
22. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
23. Indianapolis, Indiana
24. Columbus, Ohio
25. Atlanta, Georgia
26. Detroit, Michigan
27. Denver, Colorado
28. Jackson, Mississippi
29. Louisville, Kentucky
30. St. Louis, Missouri
31. Niagara Falls, New York
32. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1. Type in the city name about which you want data in the search bar on the web page and hit enter.

2. Use the drop down menu labeled "Select map Contents" and click on "Sites reporting to EPA".

3. Check all 6 blank boxes

4. Click on "Demographics".

5. Click on "Below Poverty"

6. Click on "By Tract"
(If it doesn't allow you to do this, you need to zoom in just enough that it will allow it)

7. Click on "Minority (%)" by tract.

8. What, if any, observations can you make about the patterns of locations of Environmental hazards relative to the patterns of locations of people by ethnicity and by poverty level? What does this have to do with the concept of "environmental justice"?

9. Choose any two other data sets and do a comparison of the locations of environmental hazards with those traits. Can you find any correlations in the data? If yes, identify them.

10. Go to the other city on the list by choosing the number directly before your computer number (#1 would next choose #32, 32 would choose 31, etc.).

11. Repeat this activity using the second city you have been given. Does the second city with which you were comparing data have correlations that are similar to the first city you looked at, or not? What might be the possible reasons (both for correlations and no correlations)

12. Where are most facilities located relative to wealth, race, and other factors? What might account for these patterns?

13. What could be done to alleviate any perceived problems?

14. Read the material using the link to Thoreau's "Walden" on the moodle page.

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