EnvironMENTALly speaking
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EnvironMENTAL science!


Using the web sites listed below, do a 2 paragraph summary of EACH biome type listed in your textbook. Enough information about each should be included that anyone reading your summary would be able to identify the biome by reading your summary.



National Geographic

UCMP Berkeley

Blue Planet Biomes

Biome Images

Kids Biomes

Field Guides


Foodweb Kerplunk


Go to the web site link below; read the instructions first, then play the game. You won't know what to do unless you read the instructions first!!!

Foodweb Kerplunk

Print out your final results of the game by clicking "File" in the upper left corner of your screen, then "print Preview", then "print" page 1 only.

This will be turned in at the end of the period.

There is information you will need to know in class from the web site link below, and another game to play at the page bottom once you take the link.

Food Chains

Answer the questions in the left margin on this page by reading the information on each of the links in the orange toolbar across this web site.



Go to the web site link below and visit each of the 5 links on the
Biology In Motion
website which are listed below the link. Perform all of the related internet generated activities I've listed below the link.

Please summarize the activities on a paper that will be turned in at the beginning of class tomorrow. Include your name, date, web site activity visited, and what you learned.

Biology In Motion

1) Cartoon Mini-Lectures - all three!

2) Organize-It

3) Evolution Lab

4) ATP and Energy Storage

5) Cell Division Exercise

6) Next: Go to the following link,
Kingdom Animalia
, navigate through the web site and read about the Kingdom Animalia. Locate the class "Crinoidea" by placing your cursor over one of the Present Day Phyla and clicking on it to navigate through the site.
7) Find and write about the characteristics of organisms in that class (Crinoidea). Turn this in with the other part of your assignment tomorrow.

Kingdom Animalia

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