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Cycling and recycling...

Go to the following website using the link,
Biogeochemical Cycles
, read the information, and otherwise follow directions. You may write on paper, or send your answers via e-mail to me at the e-mail address listed at the page bottom.

1. Define biogeochemical cycles.?

2. The transfer of matter involves what processes?

3. Biogeochemical cycles may also be referred to as cycles of nature. Why?

4. Parts that comprise planet earth have been categorized into four spheres (regions). Name and describe them.

5. Where is Phosphorus commonly found?

6. Why can Phosphorus not be found in the air?

7. Why is Sulfur restricted to the sedimentary cycle as a solid when in its natural form when it can be moved to the other pathways when in a compound form?

8. Why is the element Carbon important to life?

9. Describe the Carbon Cycle.

10. Why is Nitrogen important?

11. Describe the Nitrogen Cycle.

12. What are the 3 main reservoirs of Oxygen?

13. Why are the Oxygen and carbon cycles usually linked?

14. In what physical state is 93% of all water on Earth?

15. What is the main difference between micro elements and macro elements?

16. List 4 reasons why biogeochemical cycles are important.

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