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Speaking of ecosystems.....

Don't forget your test over chapter 5 tomorrow. It will consist mostly of questions about the terms, and you'll have to know the different cycles and energy transfer. Likely the best study guide for you at this point would be the Objectives and terms listed at the beginning of each chapter topic on pages 117, 124, and 129. The Section Review questions at the end of each section would help too. If you can answer those, you should do well on the test. I will NOT pick up any of those as homework.

Today you are to click on the following link, and answer the Objective questions at the side of the page. Turn them in at the end of the period.

Rutgers Old Field Succession page

Don't forget your test over chapter 4 tomorrow! (Friday 10/30) Your packet is also due tomorrow....

Go to the following website, read the material, then answer the questions.


If you did not finish yesterday's assignment, complete it before you proceed with today's assignment. Yesterday's assignment is below today's, marked by yesterday's date.

On with today....

Go to the following websites, read the material, then answer the questions which follow each website link.


1) Water covers what percentage of Earth's surface?

2) What percentage of Earth's water do the oceans contain?

3) Most rain which falls on land comes from where?

4) What is the primary driver of weather and climate?

5) The phytoplankton (microscopic plants) that live in the ocean are responsible for about how much of the oxygen we breath?

Water Cycle

6) What is the water cycle?

7) What percent of global precipitation occurs over the oceans?

8) What process keeps the sea surface from overheating?

9) If the earth were in radiative equilibrium, with an atmosphere,what would the temperature be?

10) Why isn't Earth in radiative equilibrium?

11) Salinity and temperature determine ________, which also influences circulation of ocean water.

12) What processes stir up the ocean surface?

13) Why does sea water tend to be more salty at higher latitudes?

14) What is the global conveyer belt?

15) What are the 6 instruments of NASA's AQUA mission, and what do they measure?


16) Aqua is Latin for what?

Major oceans

17) What are the 5 major oceans of the world?

18) What is the deepest ocean?

19) What is the deepest point or feature in any ocean?

20) What is the largest ocean?

21) What is the smallest ocean?

22) What is the shallowest ocean?

Go to the following website, read the material, and answer the questions which follow below. This material will show up on your next test.


1) What is the composition of the atmosphere? (List the gases and their relative proportions)

2) What is the difference between constant components and variable components?

3) What keeps Earth from being pock-marked with craters like the Moon?

4) What effects do Oxygen and Nitrogen have on the atmosphere?

5) What would temperatures on Earth be like without greenhouse gases?

6) List particulate matter which may also be found in the air. (at least 4)

7) Who invented the thermometer and when?

8) Who invented the barometer and when?

9) What is a radiosonde?

10) Explain what happens to temperature in the atmosphere as you progress from one layer of the atmosphere to another from the Troposphere to the Thermosphere.

11) What is the coldest layer of the atmosphere?

12) What is the warmest layer of the atmosphere?

13) What happens to atmospheric pressure as you go higher in altitude?

14) What is the average air pressure at sea level?


Go to the following page for today's lab exercise:

Nov. 1, 2007 instructions

Once you are finished with the above exercise, go to the following website and look at the resources available.



Go to the following page for today's lab exercise:

Oct. 26 2007 instructions


Go to the following web site and read through the material. Pay particular attention to links for graphics and/or animations to help you understand plate tectonics.

Take notes over these, I'll tell you why when I get back tomorrow.

USGS Plate Tectonics explanation

When you are done, go to the following page and read the material. It has good animations, don't miss them.

ThinkQuest Plate Tectonics explanation


Go to the web site link below and visit each of the 5 links on the
Biology In Motion
website which are listed below the link. Perform all of the related internet generated activities I've listed below the link.

Please summarize the activities on a paper that will be turned in at the beginning of class tomorrow. Include your name, date, web site activity visited, and what you learned.

Biology In Motion

1) Cartoon Mini-Lectures - all three!

2) Organize-It

3) Evolution Lab

4) ATP and Energy Storage

5) Cell Division Exercise

6) Next: Go to the following link,
Kingdom Animalia
, navigate through the web site and read about the Kingdom Animalia. Locate the class "Crinoidea" by placing your cursor over one of the Present Day Phyla and clicking on it to navigate through the site.
7) Find and write about the characteristics of organisms in that class (Crinoidea). Turn this in with the other part of your assignment tomorrow.

Kingdom Animalia


1) Go to the following web site, find where you placed the mosquito egg traps, and get the latitude and longitude for them. (Write them down!)


If that doesn't work, try this one (Click in the green areas to locate and zoom in):


I don't know if the school has Google Earth or not, but if it's in the lab, you can try that too.

In any case, after you have finished with the assignment above, go here and read the information provided about the project:

The Great Labor Day Mosquito Count

2) What is the logic behind doing the research? (Why are we doing it?)

3) Check out this:

Clark U. Mosquitoes


The link below gives a much more detailed look at the essay "The Tragedy of the Commons" which involves the psychological and sociological factors and effects. Read the material on that web site (it's by the author of the "tragedy" in your book), then list and summarize the main subheadings. Turn in your work at the end of the period. Don't waste time, this is fairly involved if you are to do this in the detail necessary.

The Tragedy of the Commons

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