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EPA greenhouse gas calculator

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EPA greenhouse gas calculator

April 27, 2007

Play both these games and see how well you can score. Print out (one page only for each game) your best results and turn them in at the end of the period.

Play this game, figure out how to save the Chaparral.


See if you can save the world giving charitable aid to developing countries in this game. There's a lot you must understand about logistics here...

The Aid Game


Click on the following link for today's activity, and answer the questions below....

1) What is the current discharge of the East Fork of the White River?

2) What is the median daily discharge for the last 53 years for today?

3) What is the gage height for today?

4) What is the unit used for measuring discharge?

5) Investigate the second link; see what information you can find.

Read the material AFTER the links too. There's more to your assignment.

USGS Watershed Data

USGS Watershed Data part 2

OK, having to do with the water quality monitoring event, check this out from Tim Rienks (GM Powertrain):
If you have Google Earth (and since we are a business, at GM we don't), check out the attached "tour" for our GREEN program. Once on the page,
follow the directions scrolling down to the "Green (BNL)" site. Pretty
cool technology.

Google Earth...

Also, make sure you bring your textbooks tomorrow!


Answer the questions by reading through the material on the web sites found linked below the questions.

Turn in your answers to the substitute today.

1) What are some of the things (at least 3) that allicin (which comes from Garlic) can cure/kill?

2) What is the original source of aspirin?

3) How many plants have been estimated to have been evaluated for human use?

4) According to WHO (World Health Organization) what percent of the worlds population use plants for medicine?

5) What is the difference between Historical use and extrapolation?

6) Berries from the Saw Palmetto smell like what? (Keep it school apporpriate!)

7) Cranberry juice extract has been shown to inhibit what?

8) From what plant does Taxol originate?

9) What is Lycopene, and what does it do/help?

10) What is the origin of quinine?

11) What are the medicinal uses of pineapple?

12) What is meant by "The end of the Ark"?

13) List at least 5 threats to biodiversity.

14) What areas of the U.S. considered biodiversity "Hotspots"?

15) List at least 10 things you can do to help preserve biodiversity.

16) What was the "Green Revolution"?

17) What is meant by HYV?

18) Run "Smog City" and see what you can learn!



How much?

(Make sure you read the other pages on this web site!)

Plant medicine?

plant medicine...

And fruits....


Conservation International


Keeping it together...

What's in a color, anyway?

Smog City

Use the following web sites to answer the questions below.

Don't miss the links at the page bottom of this one - "differences 2", etc.


Polar Bears


World Population Clock

U.S. Demographics

IDB Summary Demographic Data

World Trade Organization

Swededn/Mexico demographics

1) List at least 3 reasons why developing countries have high birth rates.

2) List at least 3 reasons why developed countries have low birth rates.

3) List at least 3 reasons why developing countries have high death rates.

4) List at least 3 reasons why developed countries have low death rates.

5) Compare the general death rates for Africa with that of North America.

6) List at least 4 reasons for higher infant death rates in developing countries.

7) List at least 4 effects of a quickly growing population on the population.

8) Why are scientists using contraceptives on those cute little koalas?

9) Why is the Polar Bear survival rate dropping?

10) Why is the seal population "out of control"?

11) What is the estimated population of the U.S.?

12) What is the estimated world population?

13) What is the projected population of the U.S. in 2020?

14) Developing regions account for what percentage of today's population growth?

15) Compare the birth/death rates for Sweden and Mexico.

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