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EnvironMENTAL science!

Week of April 3-7, 2006

Click on the following link for instructions.



Go to the following web site and play the game to the end.


Go to the following web site and write down the differences between El Nino and La Nina.

El Nino/La Nina!!

Go to the following web sites and read about wind patterns and global circulation.

El Wind!!

go to the following web site, read the article about Avian Flu, then take the quiz.

You Think!!

On the following page, it would be good to take notes - You'll have a quiz over the material Monday!

Earth Observatory

Read this - DON'T forget the links! You'll have material on this on your quiz too.

Why Files

Using the link below, compare mercury in fresh fish with that of uncooked fish.

Compare bottom feeders with that of predator fish.

What is the chronic toxicity of mercury?

What type of mercury advisory is Indiana under?

EPA Mercury site

Take the water pollution quiz....

Water pollution quiz

Play the Great Green web game. (It takes a LONG time to load...)

The Great Green Web Game

Go to the following web site and answer the questions.

Demographic transition!

1) What is deomgraphic transition?

2) How do the 2 countries shown illustrate Demographic transition?

Population growth

3) What countries in 1990 were responsible for 98% of mortality of children under age 5?

4) The education level of women is most correlated with what?

5) What are the 4 stages of demographic transition?

6) When did per capita food production begun to level off?

7) What herbicide has been detected in many culinary wells throughout the midwest?

8) Concern is growing over the increased risk of groundwater contamination of what chemicals?

World Population!

9) Compare the current population of the U.S. with the current population of the world.

10) What is the annual world population change estimated to be from 1950 - 2050?

Go to the following site and list the types of information and maps available for use.

World Population maps!

World and US Population clocks!

11) There is a net gain of how many people every 12 seconds in the U.S. ?

Go to the following web site and read ALL the material (all the pages on this site linked sequesntially).

Why 6 billion?

12) How long did it take for world population to double last?

13) What did the essay by Rober6t Thomas Malthus say about population and food supply?

14) Why is population in Pakistan a concern?

15) How does this exercise relate to chapter 9?

Turn in your papers TODAY.


Click on the links below to see today's lab exercise.

IF you didn't finish the last lab please complete it first - you'll find it listed below the line.

If you have tests for which you need to study, you may also do that - just keep busy, and enjoy.

Link 1!

Link 1A!

Link 1B!

Link 1C!

Link 2!

Link 3!

Link 4!

Link 5!

Link 6!

Link 7!

Link 8!

Link 9!

Link 10!

Link 11!

Link 12!

Link 13!

Link 14!

Link 15!

Link 16!

Link 17!

Link 18!



The web site below is specific to Florida's springs, but what is happening there truly parallels what we see happening here in Lawrence County.

Go to the Florida EPA web site link below; there are 10 separate links which detail threats to the Florida Springs. On a separate paper, (1)detail how each (yes, all of them!) threat can be seen happening here in Lawrence county, AND (2) what we can do about it.

Deep Trouble: Threats to Florida Spring's

I would like you to take a look at the link about Ichetucknee State Park. I've been there, done the tubing down the river trip (it was VERY nice!), AND done water quality testing there. All the web sites listed have good practices as far as protecting the water and may give you ideas about how to answer # 2.

Good Neighbors....

This site may give you some more ideas about how to answer #2.

"How to help" ideas....



Go to the web site link below; read the instructions first, then play the game. You won't know what to do unless you read the instructions first!!!

Foodweb Kerplunk

Print out your final results of the game by clicking "File" in the upper left corner of your screen, then "print Preview", then "print" page 1 only.

This will be turned in at the end of the period.

There is information you will need to know in class from the web site link below, and another game to play at the page bottom once you take the link.

Food Chains

Answer the questions in the left margin on this page by reading the information on each of the links in the orange toolbar across this web site.



Go to the web site link below and visit each of the 5 links on the
Biology In Motion
website which are listed below the link. Perform all of the related internet generated activities I've listed below the link.

Please summarize the activities on a paper that will be turned in at the beginning of class tomorrow. Include your name, date, web site activity visited, and what you learned.

Biology In Motion

1) Cartoon Mini-Lectures - all three!

2) Organize-It

3) Evolution Lab

4) ATP and Energy Storage

5) Cell Division Exercise

6) Next: Go to the following link,
Kingdom Animalia
, navigate through the web site and read about the Kingdom Animalia. Locate the class "Crinoidea" by placing your cursor over one of the Present Day Phyla and clicking on it to navigate through the site.
7) Find and write about the characteristics of organisms in that class (Crinoidea). Turn this in with the other part of your assignment tomorrow.

Kingdom Animalia

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