Chapter 9 Environmental Science
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Chapter 9 Environmental Science

Demographic transition!

1) What is deomgraphic transition?

2) How do the 2 countries shown illustrate Demographic transition?

Population growth

3) What countries in 1990 were responsible for 98% of mortality of children under age 5?

4) The education level of women is most correlated with what?

5) What are the 4 stages of demographic transition?

6) When did per capita food production begun to level off?

7) What herbicide has been detected in many culinary wells throughout the midwest?

8) Concern is growing over the increased risk of groundwater contamination of what chemicals?

World Population!

9) Compare the current population of the U.S. with the current population of the world.

10) What is the annual world population change estimated to be from 1950 - 2050?

Go to the following site and list the types of information and maps available for use.

World Population maps!

World and US Population clocks!

11) There is a net gain of how many people every 12 seconds in the U.S. ?

Go to the following web site and read ALL the material (all the pages on this site linked sequesntially).

Why 6 billion?

12) How long did it take for world population to double last?

13) What did the essay by Robert Thomas Malthus say about population and food supply?

14) Why is population in Pakistan a concern?

15) How does this exercise relate to chapter 9?

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