Dendrochronology Primer
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Dendrochronology Lab

In considering the material on page 35 of your textbook relating to the Correlation method, please complete the following activities and answer the questions on this page using information from the web site provided.

A. Go to the following web site. When you reach the page bottom, click on the "Next Page" link to continue.

Make sure you practice the controls used for the skeleton plotting.

Crossdating Tree Rings

Answer the following questions:
1. Define dendrochronology.
2. List at least 5 Applications in dendrochronology.
3. List the common objectives in Dendrochronology.
4. What MUST be known in order to meet the common objectives?
5. What is crossdating?
6. What is the starting point for a living tree sample?
7. What is a dead wood sample?
8. What is a Dendroarcheological sample?
9. If one tree ring is grown each year ("annual rings"), why not just count the rings?
10. Draw an example of a Single Locally Absent Ring.
11. Would a sample with a locally absent ring be crossdatable?
12. Draw an example of Many Locally Absent Rings.
13. Would a sample with Many Locally Absent Rings be crossdatable?
14. Draw or Describe an Easy false Ring example.
15. Draw or describe a difficult false ring example.
16. Compare sensitive tree growth with complacent tree growth.
17. Why would Trees living within a homogeneous stand or forest have absolute growth rates that differ substantially?
18. What is a dated master dendrochronology?

Try your luck at doing a skeleton plot.

When you finish, go to this web site and check out all the resources!

The Ultimate Dendrochronology Web Site

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