Mineral exercise, Part 2
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Here we go again.....

Go to the following web site to answer the questions below. You may have to do a copy and paste to get to the web page.


1. What is crystallography?
2. Crystallography is divided into 3 sections. Name them.
3. What is a crystal?
4. Define the term "crystal face".
5. Who was Nicholas Steno, and explain what he discovered.
6. How would you use Steno's discovery along with x-rays to determine whether or not two mineral samples were the same mineral or not?
7. Draw and label the three axes of a crystal.
8. What is the axial cross?
9. Describe EACH of the 6 crystal systems.
10. Why don't all crystals in a given crystal system look the same?
11. What are Miller Indices?
12. Describe the term "plane of symmetry.
13. What are axes of symmetry?
14. Describe each of the axes of symmetry.
15. What is meant by the term "Center of symmetry"?

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