Environmental Careers
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Make sure you are working on today's assignment and not playing games. I will subtract points from this assignment if you are playing games unless you can prove you have COMPLETED the assignment.

You have until Friday at the beginning of class to complete this assignment but may turn it in early should you finish. E-mailing your assignment to me instead of printing it on paper will gain you one point extra credit for every written assignment unless told otherwise.

Today's lab will be career research.

Pick a career having to do with any of the branches of the sciences related to Environmental Science, and write a report on the career.

The report should be 1 page typed MINIMUM, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, with 1" borders.

At the top right, include the following:
Class period

Title should be centered

These should take up no more than 1/4 page.

Include any schooling/training, job conditions and expectations, responsibilities, salary, benefits, etc. Basically anything you would like to know if you were searching for a particular job, including areas where jobs may be concentrated geographically.

Include a bibliography at the end for the website(s) you used to find the information included in your report.

Points will be subtracted for falling short on any of the criteria listed, although anything above and beyond will be rewarded.

At least one paragraph should include an explanation of why or how your chosen job can be included as an environmental job.

The links which follow below are starting points for ideas. You may search the following topics - Geoscience careers, meteorology careers, astronomy careers, oceanography careers, environmental careers, but remember - the job MUST be environmental in scope and responsibilities.

You may also search for specific careers in the Earth Sciences which you know, or have seen references to on the pages which follow too.


IUPUI info and links...


AGIWeb employer index

- make sure you try the links from this one.

AGI Careers page

Earth magazine classified ads

USGS Employment

NESTA Geoscience careers page

AMS careers page

Sky-fire tv careers page

Weather channel kids careers page
. Don't let this one fool you - try the links.

SUNYFolk careers page

Meteorology careers.com careers page

A.P.College Board find a college page

Environmental Scientists careers page
. Make sure you look at the related majors and related careers links.

Agricultural and Food Scientists careers page

NRCS careers page

PSSAT Soil Scientists careers page

NSCSS Consulting Soil Scientists careers page

Geospatial careers page

GIS ESRI careers page

GIS Jobs Clearinghouse page

GIS Jobs and careers page

Geocommunity career center page


Foresters and Forestry technicians careers page

Park Rangers careers page

Environmental Inspectors careers page

Oceanography careers links

Office of Naval Research careers page

Sea Grant Marine careers page

Sea Grant All careers page

Hopkins Marine Station careers page

Cornell University Astronomy careers page

AAS Astronomy careers page

Astronomy Cafe careers page

NOAO careers FAQ page

Hopefully you get the idea. Use the links from the above pages to find further information.

Once you finish, click on the following links and read through the websites.


Here are events taking place this month. You may have to copy and paste the links into the toolbar.

To see what celestial events are in store for this month, check out
Hal Kibbey's Star Trak column at

Hal Kibbey's Star Trak


The Stonebelt Stargazers meet on the third Monday of each month at
6:30 PM at the Morrow Observatory on the Bedford North Lawrence High School Campus, Bedford, Indiana. For further information, see

Stonebelt Stargazers

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