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Biome research...

1. Use each of the following links and take the quizzes. Write the questions AND your answers. Or as an alternative, type your answers and e-mail them to me. IF you type it out, I only want it via e-mail! DO NOT PRINT IT OUT. If you wish to e-mail them to me, use my school account account:

Any information found on these links and pages WILL be found on a quiz next week.

Biomes quiz

Rainforest Biomes quiz

Take the following quiz, and see if you can get 100%.

World Biomes purpose quiz

See if you can match the clues with the term.

World Biomes quiz2

2. Click on the following link, and explore the treehouse by following the frog....

Rainforest Treehouse

3. Then click on the book or chart to play the "Jewels of the Earth" game. Complete the game, then move your cursor over the different life forms to learn more about them.

4. In the treehouse, Click on the coffee bag, and play the "Track it Back" game.

IF you finish with the other material...this will definitely be a diversion from the normal..

The Seagull Strikes Back!

Play this WWF game

Switch 'em off!

Click through the different habitat links to learn more about them.


Read news articles...

McGraw-Hill Events in the News site

Blue Planet Biomes

UCMP Berkeley

Missouri Botanical garden

National Geographic Wild World

Classroom of the Future

Radford University

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