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Resources to use for class

Evolution, Biodiversity, and Population Ecology

A) Terms to know for your test (NOT all-inclusive):

3)adaptive trait
4)exponential growth
5)age distribution
7)age structure
9)artificial selection
10)fossil record
13)biological diversity
14)growth rate
17)carrying capacity
21)limiting factors
22)Darwin, Charles
23)logistic growth curve
25)mass extinction events
26)density-independent mutation
28)natural selection
30)population size
31)phylogenetic trees
34)sex ratio
35)population density
37)population dispersion
39)population distribution
41)population ecology
42)Wallace, Alfred Russell
43)Community Ecology

B) Go to the following website and answer the questions below about Evolution, Biodiversity, and Population Ecology. The Questions to be answered are found below the link provided.
The website you will be using to answer the questions is found

"by clicking HERE "
by clicking the links found on the page and progressing through the website by clicking each progressive link marked "next" and "more".

1)Explain the difference between placing things in relative order and ordering them by actual dates.

2)Explain the Law of Superposition.

Read the directions, click through the website, and answer any questions:

"Life Has A History "

3) According to the website, what 3 words make up the simplest definition of evolution?

4) What is meant by the term "Divergence", relative to evolution?

5) What is a "Cladogram"?

6) How, Over time, does natural selection causes changes in features?

7) Paleontologists have estimated of all the species that have ever existed, what percent are now extinct?

Read through the material on the following website using the link provided:

"Radioactive Decay "

8A) Read the interview with E.O. Wilson then answer the questions below using the link provided:

"E.O.Wilson interview "

1) How is a biological species defined?

2) Is a "Closed Gene Pool" universal? explain your answer.

3) Can a subspecies be defined as clearly as a species? Explain your answer.

4) Why is a chronospecies is simply a necessity of science?

5) What are the origins of biodiversity?

6) What determines an increase of species?

7) What is the most prevalent form of speciation?

8) (continuing from #7)How quickly can these and other mechanisms produce new species?

9) In 1966, Wilson and Dr. Daniel Simberloff conducted an experiment to determine the Minimum Critical Size of Ecosystems (MCS). What did they discover?

10) Is there is a threshold below which populations are in imminent danger of extinction? EXPLAIN your answer.

11) If speciation can happen quickly, why should we worry about species extinction?

12) With extinction happening globally, where should we focus conservation efforts? Explain your answer.

13) In Wilson's book "Future of Life" he deflates the myth that environmental policy is hostile to economic growth. Explain why he says it is incorrect.

Now read through ALL the material on the following website beginning with the introduction:

"Understanding Evolution "

One last resource: Another page on Speciation:

"Speciation...again "

See you tomorrow!

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