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Scintillate, scintillate, asteroid minikin! (What does this mean?)

Answer the questions below using the following web site:

MIT Astronomy

1. How long does it take the eye's pupil to expand to its maximum diameter after the lights are turned off?

2. What causes the eyes gain in sensitivity over time?

3. How long does it take for a person's eyes to adapt to darkness completely?

4. Explain why a red flashlight will not affect a person's night vision?

5. What is the reason why averted vision helps you see very faint objects?

6. Why do faint deep-sky objects usually disappoint beginning observers?

7. Explain the reason for the answer to #6.

8. Name one of the few nebulae that actually are of visual interest due to its surface brightness.

9. Explain why persons that wear eyeglasses sometimes have trouble properly positioning their eye for viewing with an eyepiece.

10. What is "Star-hopping"?

11. When finding directions using a star atlas, why is East shown to the left of North?

12. What is a finderscope?

13. Right ascension increases in what direction?

14. According to the article, why was it a mystery as to how successful observations were performed in the summer? (What invention made it easier? ;-)

15. Who is often considered the founder of modern astronomy? What did he have to say about "seeing"?

16) what is the
Astronomy Photo of the day
for today?

17) What's up in the news? (As related to Astronomy!)

The Universe Today

18) What's visible in the night sky tonight and tomorrow night?

Sky and Telescope magazine

Earth Science Photo of the day

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