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The instructions for the computer lab are below.

Answer the questions below by visiting the links provided.

1) Explain the relationship between groundwater and wetlands.

The Nature of Water

2) Where is the closest wetland area to Bedford, IN?

US Fish and Wildlife Service

3) What are the functions of wetlands?

Washington Dept. of Ecology

4) What types of plants live in estuaries?



5) Describe typical soils in swamps?


6) What percent of the Nation's floodplain forested swamps have been destroyed?


7) What is the function of the bottomland hardwood swamp?


8) What are the characteristics of a mangrove swamp?

9) What is the function of the mangrove swamp?

10) What is the status of the mangrove swamp?

11) What are the three types of mangrove trees which grow in the continental United States?

12) What are the differences in the locations where each of the 3 types of mangrove trees found in the U.S. grow?


13) What percent of marine animals use coral reefs as a home?

14) What are the 3 basic types of coral reefs?

15) Explain the differences between each of the types of coral reefs listed in your answer for #14.

16) What is the value of coral reefs to people? (list at least 3)

17 What are the threats to coral reefs? (list at least 5, and be able to explain them on your test...)



Answer the questions below by visiting the links.

1) What Is an Estuary and What Does It Do?

2) What is the difference between estuarine wetlands and palustrine wetlands?

3) What are estuaries?

4) What types of animals live in estuaries?

5) Why are estuaries important?

6) What are the 5 types of estuaries as classified by their geology?

7) Explain the differences between each type listed in #6.

Questions are continued below the links to the websites that contain the answers to questions #1-#7...

Click on the following links to do today's assignment:


Wetland environments

Estuary environments

NOAA estuaries

Estuary environments

NOS Estuary environments


8) solve the "Estuary Mystery" on the following web site:

Estuary Mystery

9) How are Estuaries classified by water circulation?

Estuary classification by water circulation

10) Visit the following website and explore the different exhibits of the Monterey Bay

Tidal mudflat virtual field trip

11) Make your own food chain on the following website:

Food chain

12) Describe the differences in the San Francisco Bay from 1848 to 1994.

San Francisco Bay

13) Go to the following website and explore the interactive habitat!

interactive environments

14) How much surface area do lakes and reservoirs occupy in the U.S.?

EPA Lakes

15) How far above floodstage is the East Fork of the White River currently?

USGS Watershed Data

16) Why are the Great Lakes considered to be Glacial Gifts?

Glacial Gifts

More about water....

The Nature of Water

Florida Spring environments

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